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MUN Frosh 2018




Last year's MUN Frosh took place from September 28 - September 29 2018! It was a brilliant success on all accounts, and everyone had a brilliant time. Follow us for when more details about next year's MUN Frosh come out later in the year, and see below for some pictures. 

What is MUN Frosh? 

MUN Frosh is a special retreat held by UNSOC at the beginning of each year. Over the course of two days, we travel to Hart House Farms (an idyllic 150-acre cottage retreat located couple of hours north of Toronto) and holding team games, introductory Model UN training exercises, bonfires, unique simulations, and many more activities, designed to familiarize people with Model UN and forge relationships with a new group of friends. 

The main goal for the weekend was to create a strong and positive UNSOC culture, and to allow the social relationships that keep the community thriving to grow organically in a supportive environment. Judging from UNSOC's record membership in the past couple of years, we'd say that MUN Frosh is a great success and a perfect way to form lasting friendships within the tight-knit community that is UNSOC!