UNSOC - UTMUN Agreement

Have Your conference delegate fee reimbursed by utmun

UNSOC is proud to announce a special partnership with UTMUN. Since conferences tend to be expensive, many members find it difficult to pay for UNSOC's trips. In order to make conferences a little more accessible, UNSOC, alongside UTMUN have agreed on partially subsidizing delegate costs. If you are a paid member of UNSOC, and are staffing any position in UTMUN, you are eligible to have your delegate fee reimbursed for the McMUN conference. 

How does it work? 

In order to receive a reimbursement, you must have paid the $20 membership fee to UNSOC, and must be staffing for UTMUN.

When you attend McMUN, you pay a full fee that covers the delegate fee, transportation and accommodation.  You will be expected to pay the full conference fee prior to attending. However, after UTMUN's conference (February 4th-7th), if you are in good standing with both organizations, UTMUN will reimburse you for $95 (the approximate cost of the delegate fee). 

*NOTE: UTMUN is not subsidizing the entire conference fee, but only the delegation fee that is charged per person by the conference. 

If you are attending McMUN and staffing for UTMUN and would like to have McMUN reimbursed, please apply through the form here

If you have any questions regarding the agreement, do not hesitate to contact us at ut.unsoc@gmail.com or UTMUN at staff@utmun.org