The University of Toronto United Nations Society (UNSOC) is a student-run  Model UN (MUN) organization that sends delegates to MUN conferences all across North America and beyond. Along with NAMUN, SSICsim, and UTMUN, our club constitutes part of the Model UN community at U of T.

UNSOC facilitates weekly training sessions to improve members’ debate and diplomatic skills.

The club also hosts regular social events such as pub nights, board game nights and special guest lectures.

Our high-calibre delegates represent the prestige of the University of Toronto, receiving many awards and accolades around the circuit. Our team has travelled to and competed in conferences held at distinguished schools such as Yale, McGill, Harvard, Queen’s and even the London School of Economics. This past year, we were honored to win Outstanding Large Delegation at the Queen’s Model United Nations Invitational and our team has been recognized as ranking in the Top 30 Model UN teams in North America.

UNSOC ultimately provides students with a community to discuss global affairs and to debate some of the world’s most pressing issues. Students develop personal and transferable skills while taking their knowledge outside of the classroom to recognize the difficulties in decision-making. We hope that the experiences and relationships that students make through UNSOC continue after university.

ThE 2017-2018 EXECUTIVE

Nick Buhite, President | ut.unsoc@gmail.com

Dawood Younis, Vice President | ut.unsoc@gmail.com

Ivana Vujeva, Co-Training Director | training.utunsoc@gmail.com

Henry Adlam, Co-Training Director | training.utunsoc@gmail.com

Julia Mogus, Co-Conference Director | conferences.utunsoc@gmail.com

Caroline Chen, Co-Conference Director | conferences.utunsoc@gmail.com

Christopher Chiasson, Director of Membership and Events | chris.chiasson@mail.utoronto.ca

Nabil Fancy, Communications Director | nabil.fancy@mail.utoronto.ca

Zeyad Hamza, Finance Director zeyad.hamza@mail.utoronto.ca

Michael Elliot, Novice Representative | michael.elliot@mail.utoronto.ca

Richard Zhao, Novice Represenetative | richardd.zhao@mail.utoronto.ca